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Landscape Photography Tours

Breathtaking vistas, sunrises and sunsets that you will marvel at! LCP's landscape tours put you in the right place before and during the right time - then you will create fabulous images!

Adventure Photography Tours

Pursuing adventure?! Rafting down the Grand Canyon, experiencing the Northern Lights from Iceland, Polar Bears & Dog Sledding in Canada? Check out the adventures that you can be a part of!

Wildlife Photography Tours

Love to experience, learn about, and photograph wildlife? These are the tours for you! Polar Bears in Canada, Coastal Brown Bears in Alaska, Grizzly Bears in British Columbia, and safari trips to Tanzania! LightChase has the tour to get you up close and personal with the major wildlife on Earth!

Cityscape Photography Tours

Are CityScapes your pleasure? LightChase offers fantastic city destinations include Chicago, San Francisco, New York and more in the USA. LCP offers many international destinations such as Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Scotland and many more! 

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All LightChase Photography Tours!

LightChase Photography offers 106 different tours, more than any other photography tour company in the world. You can travel the world with an Instructor and Tour Leader that can take you anywhere!

LightChase Photography Tours

Amazing Tours.  Amazing Value. 

  • We handle everything so all you need to think about is capturing unforgettable images and enjoying time with your friends. 

  • U.S.A. and International Tours

  • Professional and experienced tour leaders, instructors, guides, and photographers!


"I went on my first LightChase tour with Mark to the Oregon coast and was impressed by his attention to the details of the tour logistics. I didn't have to do anything but show up at the Portland airport. Since photography is all about capturing the best light we often had to be on location before sunrise. I learned that Mark has a built-in GPS because he can find the most obscure shooting locations in the dark. I remember following him through the reeds along a stream bed wondering where is he taking us? After we stopped and the sun began to rise, it became immediately obvious why we were there. I don't ask that question anymore. I also learned much more than I ever expected to about composition and how weather affects light."

Jerry N.

Naperville, IL

"Lightchase Photography fuels your photo enthusiasm that will explode into passion. Mark provides the student with a roadmap, making you think/work to understand how to pave the road to get the shot. You'll return home with a new fire in your photo soul and a new found kindred spirit of friends. LightChase will make you a better storyteller through your own photo journey. 

You never stop learning while on a Lightchase Tour. Mark shares ALL his knowledge to make you a better shooter. Whether on the location of the shot, or just riding in the car, you will take home more information than what you came with. Take the tour, experience the adventure/journey, become passionate about what YOU can do with your own photography."

Jimmy S.

Atlanta, GA

"I've just returned from a Glacier National Park tour with Mark. Prior to that it was Hawaii, Alaska, and Arizona. Each of these tours presented me with a photographic challenge and I wanted to come away with great photo's....and I did. Mark was close at hand checking my progress. The thing that make his tours worth the money is that you don't come home with only record shots. I have majestic water falls, whales, surfers flying through the air, "northern lights", dog mushing races, lightning in a cactus filed, and countless rainbows. If there is a shot you would like to get, just ask. If you don't know how to shoot it, not a problem, Mark will work with you until you learn the technique. When I travel with Mark I don't have to worry about anything.... fantastic locations, a variety of subjects, the best light, food, and lodging....everything is worry free. I can't wait until my next adventure with LightChase Photography."

Kathleen S.

Hinsdale, IL

"There are many choices of photography workshops, but if you like to shoot a lot, and want to learn from a photographer that knows his locations like the back of his hand, then LightChase Photography is for you. Mark knows his locations well, because he has shot them so many times himself, and he knows weather to the extent that he can tell you the hues and strength of color to expect at sunset and sunrise. Mark takes an active role in teaching and challenging you to improve your photography. And if that wasn't enough, the small group sizes and intimacy means you will also have a great time, and possibly meet some new lifelong friends. Since attending my first LightChase Photography photo tour, I can't think why I'd ever want to tour with anyone else."

Darren S.

Mountain View, CA

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