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Is an LCP Tour for me?

LightChase Photography Tours are crafted especially for photographers who relish the following:

  • Fantastic experiences in the most grand of nature's settings and at the times when each location is at its very best and beautiful. Great experiences will bring great images, whereas great images do not always bring a great experience.

  • Improving your photography beyond what you thought you can accomplish through close personal interaction with your instructor and other tour participants over an extended period of time. Many clients have participated in LCP Tours for more than ten (10) tours over time. This extended interaction enables true improvement and development of the participant's experiences and photography.

  • Learning not only your camera and the technical side of photography, but also advanced topics such as: understanding weather, light, nature, and the interaction of weather, light, & nature; predicting light from the weather and vice-versa; the psychology of photography and experience; and how to tap into the emotional side of photography. 3 Year Plans are developed between instructor and participant for frequent clients which allow for accelerated learning and development.

  • Flexible experience and photography that provides for the best photographic opportunities because LCP changes its itinerary as necessary to maximize your experience and photographic opportunities. We will not be restricted by a pre-planned itinerary which often results in missing the "best of the best". We will anticipate the light and the weather and change our itinerary to maximize the experience and the photography opportunity. The locations listed on the itinerary will all be experienced and photographed, but we will do so at the very best times and light for the locations as opposed to a pre-chosen list of times and locations.

  • Experiencing a lifetime plan at a nearly unlimited number of tour locations. LCP offers more than thirty (30) different tours to more than 150 locations. You will not run out of locations to photograph with LCP. New tours are being developed as time goes by to ensure that LCP can always offer a new tour and locations for your personal development and growth. Even photographers with extensive world travel for more than 40 years can find new places for experiencing and photographing with LCP.

  • Travel and photography with a professional who has extensive nature and photographic experience in an overwhelming number of locations in North America over the last 19 years. 

  • Photographic Variety - Experience many National Parks and locations in a single tour. Some LCP tours visit ten (10) or more locations during a 10 day tour. Most LCP tours visit at least 2 to 4 different photography locations in a single 8 day tour.

  • Longer Photography Tours - LCP Tours range from 8 days to 15 days in length. This tour format allows for ample time to experience and photograph many locations, outlast poor weather when encountered, and have a true "escape" experience since you'll be away long enough to sense the rhythms of nature, photography, and weather.

  • Small groups, often hand-picked from frequent clients, which travel as groups in the tour vehicles improve and offer unparalleled opportunity for excellent group chemistry. Many participants of LCP tours have made friends with other participants, whom they travel with into the future on subsequent LCP Tours.

  • If you'd rather concentrate on your experience and photography than be concerned with the travel logistics. LCP Tours can arrange everything for the tour itself, and can even provide airfare or train travel assistance if desired. LCP either handles or assists on all facets of travel for the tours.

  • Laughter and a great time! LCP Tours include a sense of humor amongst the group, with many stories from our many travels.

What's a typical day like on an LCP tour?

LCP Tour Participants awaken well before sunrise when the light is right for photography to experience and photograph a variety of fabulous locations. Participants photograph before sunrise into the morning, then we have breakfast, and return to more shooting locations reading the light and weather to lead us to the best experience and photography locations. When the length of daylight permits, we have breaks during mid-day. Then we have an early dinner, and are once again out to experience and photograph in the evening through sunset and beyond. It has been said that LCP does more before 9am than the Army does all day!

What range of photography knowledge is needed to participate in an LCP Tour?

LCP has instructed participants with a full range of knowledge, from those who are complete novices to those who have been professionals for more than 45 years. Instruction is on a very personal one-to-one basis, so you will be taught at a level that provides manageable development without feeling overwhelmed. This can be accomplished by establishing a baseline of your knowledge and experience before, during, and in-between your tours!

How do I register for a tour?

E-mail Mark Rasmussen at If you don't have e-mail capacity, you are welcome to phone Mark at (847) 828-3836. We'll discuss the tour or tours that you are interested in, answer any questions that you may have, and when you are ready, we'll take the next steps to ensure that you have the high quality photography tour that you deserve!

What percentage of LCP clients return for future tours?

More than 80% of LCP's Clients have returned for multiple tours after their first tour. More than 50% of LCP's clients have participated in 4 or more LCP Tours. Some clients have attended more than 10 tours in less than 4 years. LCP believes that an extraordinarily high percentage of return clients is the best indicator of customer satisfaction. There's no better personal recommendation than to go again, and again, and again, and again..... You will receive real and personal customer service with LCP. In addition, more than 85% percent of LCP clients discovered LCP through word-of-mouth - from friends, relatives, and colleagues who were very pleased with an LCP Tour that they participated in.

How much do the tours cost? 

Contact Mark via email to get pricing on a tour you are interested in. Our tours are customized and we try our best to ensure you get the experience you want at the best price. Depending on location, there may be options for lodging (some may want simple bare bones while others may want more upscale).  

Can non-photographers go? 

Spouses or significant others are welcome on some tours, depending on space. Email Mark if you'd like to add a non-photographer to the tour. Note that we are up before sunrise daily and photography is our main goal each day. 

What do I need to bring?

Specific clothing, footwear, or other non-camera equipment varies greatly depending on the tour location. We'll send out emails with what you'll need to have in advance. Every LCP Tour Participant has the opportunity to review all of your photography gear, including recommendations for new gear and/or filter systems, before attending the tour of your choice. Participants receive one-on-one reviews of equipment as well as recommendations for further purchases, and even special pricing on select photography filters at a discounted price. This format allows you to be fully prepared for your photography tour with LCP. For camera gear, we generally recommend:

  • 2 Camera bodies (DSLR/Mirrorless) in case of an accident

  • Wide angle lens (16mm or wider)

  • Medium telephoto lens (24-105mm)

  • Long telephoto lens for wildlife (300-600mm)

  • Filters - Graduated neutral density filters for your lenses and circular polarizers

  • Tripod

  • Extra batteries

  • Plenty of memory cards

  • Laptop if you want to download your images or participate in post processing classes offered on some tours.

What's included in the tour price?

Other tour companies require you to book your own vehicles and lodging, which results in your wasted funds and extra time to arrange for these items. Other tour companies require you to do your own driving. With LCP, we handle it all, for your peace of mind, enjoyment of experience, and cost savings. Ride with us, and enjoy the scenery, speak with your instructor or other participants about photography or your experiences, or take a nap as we go! Plus, group vehicles provides the opportunity for excellent group chemistry, which results in an even better experience.

All of our tours include:

  • All Lodging. We'll be in hotels/cabins or similar with running water, electricity, etc). Some adventure tours like the Grand Canyon River Rafting tours require sleeping in tents. 

  • All transportation from destination airport - we'll pick you up!

  • All park entrance fees/parking fees

  • Professional instruction - compositions, best lens to use, filters, settings, whatever help you need to be sure you get the shot!

  • Tour costs are based on double occupancy but single occupancy can be requested for an additional fee.

  • All driving, fuel costs, and vehicle rental fees.

  • Water/snacks while traveling between shoot locations.

  • Lots of fun, new friends, and life long memories!

You won't need to find the best deals for vehicle rental and lodging, because LCP will have already done that for you. In addition, LCP has the knowledge, experience, and existing relationships with lodging and car rental agencies and the power of group reservations on our side to obtain the very best prices, which creates savings that are passed directly on to you, in the form of a lower tour cost.

What's NOT included? 

You'll need to get yourself to the destination airport that we designate. Since we travel so frequently, we'll recommend airlines, good airfares, and when to buy ahead of time - be sure to book your tour early to get included on the group emails for the tour!

On some tours, such as an Alaskan Winter and Northern Lights Tour or a Hawaiian Islands Tour, there are optional activities such as dog sledding or helicopter flight seeing which are the participants responsibility since not everyone may choose to partake in those activities. Any such activities will be disclosed when you discuss signing up for your tour.

Meals in restaurants and all drinks besides water are your responsibility. Breakfast is always after sunrise and dinner may run really late or early, depending on where we are and when the sun sets. Because breakfast is usually later in the morning, we usually don't make time for lunch - that's where the snacks and water come in as we are driving between locations. 

Is it physically demanding? Lot's of climbing/hiking? 

This varies depending on the tour. Safaris, for example, are all riding in vehicles as we are not allowed to walk due to the danger from wild animals. Other destinations may be more physically demanding - like the Grand Canyon rafting tours. If you are concerned or have a disability, please email Mark and let him know.

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