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While other photography tour companies make you scramble for lodging and come up with transportation,  Light Chase Photography tours take care of everything so you can focus on one thing: Capturing amazing photographs.


  • Lodging? Check! Your tour fee includes all lodging during the tour, double occupancy.

  • Transportation? You bet. No need to try to car pool with other guests or drive long hours. We take care of that so you can relax and enjoy the scenery, talk with other photographers, or just take a nap. 

  • Entry fees? We handle all entry fees for parks or special use areas. 

  • Snacks? Of course. We'll have water and snacks available as we move between shooting locations. 

Founded in 2002, Light Chase Photography offers tours throughout the U.S. and the world. 

From beginner to advanced levels, Light Chase welcomes all photographers. Tour leaders are experienced instructors whose only goal is to make sure you come home with amazing images!

Click here to see images taken by our guests. Want to capture lifetime memories like these? Contact Mark and sign up for a tour today!



Mark Rasmussen

Founder of  Lightchase Photography

Galesburg, Illinois

Mark F. Rasmussen, dynamic outdoor photographer and connoisseur of light, has always held a fascination for and had an intuitive connection to light, with all of its many variations. Since 1991, Mark´s quest for elusive images has motivated his travels to National Parks and other wild places. His vast experiences have ranged from the wind swept prairies of Illinois, to the rugged shores of Newfoundland, to wilderness high above the Arctic Circle in Alaska, to the primeval forests and coasts of Washington, to the volatile volcanoes of Hawaii, to the stark beauty of California's deserts, to the glorious red rock canyons of Utah, to Florida's living everglades, and nearly everywhere in between. While traversing the continent, searching for magical natural light in wild places, Mark has developed his own extensive theories on light and its interaction with the weather. Fine-tuning his hypotheses to the point of being able to predict the light based upon the weather, and even a step beyond, to being able to predict the weather from the light. The undeniable key to being able to capture magical natural light in his elusive images is the application of his theories and field experience, which enable him to anticipate the ever-changing light.

In more recent years, Mark has shared his experiences in, theories about, enthusiasm for, and knowledge of photography with other motivated photographers through a vigorous teaching schedule. Being his way of giving back to Photography, he openly shares his photographic knowledge and experiences.

In 2002, Mark created "LightChase Photography" which operates photographic tours to numerous locations all over the world. Photographic tours have proved to be the perfect medium for Mark to share his enthusiasm for wild places and photographic knowledge with others. The primary goal of Mark's imagery is to create an emotional response in the viewer by combining dramatic, magical natural light and beautiful landscapes into images that portray the wondrous grandeur that is available for those who strive to have the experience.

He seeks to heighten his audiences' awareness of the tremendous beauty available to their senses while highlighting the fragility of our wonderful planet. Mark currently resides in Galesburg, IL in his dream Victorian Mansion.

James-Headshot May 2019-2.jpg

James Parker

Vancouver, Washington

Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”  Making a great photograph, no matter if it’s a photo of a person, place, or event, takes an eye for detail and knowledge of light, composition, and of the equipment to create it. I’ve been refining my skills for over 15 years. 


I spent over 20 years in the Navy as a musician playing trumpet and creating music. The Navy gave me the opportunity to play music all over the world - it was an amazing career! I lived in Italy, Hawaii, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans,  Memphis, and now call Vancouver, Washington home.  I’ve traveled all over Europe, the Caribbean, Patagonia, Iceland, Alaska, and just about all of the other 49 states. Favorite place to live? Hawaii, hands down. Favorite place to travel? Europe is absolutely amazing – the diverse landscape, people, food, and languages ensures you never get bored. Where I most want to go to next? Tahiti and the South Pacific!

What do I like to photograph? My favorite things by far are cityscapes and landscapes. I love cars, so automotive photography is a big part of my time. I also do occasional senior portraits and model shoots. I'm happily married and my wife Joanne "cheerfully" carries my tripod for me when we travel. 

MK Head Shot.jpg

Michael Kirkland

Standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon, was my first visit to a National Park.  Mesmerized by its beauty and grandeur, I immediately felt obligated to capture images of my experience and share it with my family and friends.  During a road trip to Yellowstone National Park, I stopped along the way to the Badlands and extended the trip to Glacier and the Tetons.  Seeing and capturing the diversity of the various parks, I immediately placed visiting all of the U.S. National Parks at the top of my bucket list.


Being able to share my images has since taken a back seat to a desire to share my knowledge of capturing images that tell a story of those magnificent landscapes.  It is so easy to take for granted, the ever-changing display of beauty in front of you.  I never tire of setting foot in a national park.  Being surrounded by nature and wildlife in their natural habitat is humbling.  Each season and period of the day, exposes its own unique experience.  I try to create images that will transfix the viewer into the location, giving them an appreciation of what Mother Nature has produced.  I would hope that my images motivate others to visit and support our National Parks, before it’s too late. 

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