Polar Bear & Northern Lights Adventure

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WHY Churchill, Manitoba for a Northern Lights Tour?
There is auroral activity over Churchill for about 300 nights per year, with more activity near the spring & fall equinox. This makes Churchill, MB the place with the highest level of auroral activity that is reasonably accessible with accomodation & services that make the trip comfortable with flexibility in dates for the tour. Plus, there are also winter activities available to make the tour fun and enjoyable at ANY time of day!

Polar Bear Prime Time!

Late October through November is the very best time frame to encounter Polar Bears in the Churchill, Manitoba & Hudson Bay Areas.

Northern Lights In Tolerable Temperatures!
Northern Lights can be experienced in the Churchill Area 300 nights out of the year if the sky has good visibility. In November the temperatures are milder than mid-winter.

Other Notes: For this tour, the tour start point can be either Winnepeg MB, or Churchill MB. For those flying into Winnepeg, we'll travel by VIA Train to Churchill, MB and back. For those flying into Churchill, MB, your tour starts in Churchill.

Various Bed & Breakfasts in Churchill, Manitoba
Including Blue Sky Bed & Sled B&B

EVERYTHING is included in price except train or airfare, meals, and Winter Activities such as Dog sledding which are seperate.

Polar Bear Travel Options:
A) Fly & Train: Fly into Winnepeg, MB, CAN and Train from Winnepeg, MB, CAN to Churchill, MB, CAN and then return the same way.

B) Fly Only: Fly into Churchill, MB, CAN for the time in Churchill, MB, CAN. This is the most expensive and shortest version of the tour due to airfare to Churchill.

Any travel option can be chosen to participate in the tour.

Approximate Tour Pricing:

Based upon 11 photographers, the estimated tour cost may range from $4,800 to $5,500 per person, for 4 full tundra buggy days. The final tour cost will be determined based upon the final number of participants, and will be available 6 months before the tour start date.

Please note: All of the Northern Lights images presented were made in Western Canada in the Canadian Rockies. There are no mountains surrounding Churchill, Manitoba. However, the Northern Lights occur more than 300 nights per year over Churchill, making it the best, most accessible location to view and photograph the Aurora! Mark has photographed the Northern Lights over Churchill, MB; Galva, IL; Strathmore, AB; Banff NP, AB; Upper British Columbia, BC; Wasilla, AK; Fairbanks, AK; and Anchorage, AK.

Example Polar Bears & Northern Lights Itinerary

Typical itinerary has us in Churchill for 8 days and 7 nights, which is typically November 5th to November 13th.
There are also days before and after the Churchill days to travel to & from Churchill to your home.
The number of travels days depends upon the means of travel that you choose

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